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  1. The best way to keep your children safe. Check their phones. They don’t need that kind of privacy. It is alright to give them cell phones even at school. To be used for emergencies only! The phone has history. If it is used for wrong reasons, take that privilege away. No second chances. Please keep your children safe, they are your blessings.

  2. Kamilla Harris Tell Old Lady, I'm just going to make your Healthcare Ladylike! Ladylike… Killing baby's is ladylike. I fully agree that this is Now True. Babykilling is Ladylike. -Harris'

  3. "erika' doesn't know shit about being a parent . another dumb cunt raising a future school shooter with no rules or responsibility . another idiot who's kids rule the house .

  4. I am so tired of hearing about this guy if this was going to bring charges to anyone else then it will but I doubt it

  5. It's sad the Democrat Nazi Socialist Party has to ruin a state fair

  6. "Vote for me and I'll raise your taxes, take away your guns and your health care."

  7. Fox and friends along with retarded Republicans can lick my nuts! You’re nothing more than a bunch of imbeciles.

  8. everyone of those Dems are all liers!! they are followers of satin. the father of all lies..and rebuke the truth of our Lord…they will pay for this!! if they don't wake up and follow the truth …they will b sorry…no one lives forever..they better wake ta hell up…before it's to late..God bless our beloved president…God bless America!!!!!

  9. Republicans have been conceived through anal sex.💩

  10. Instead of free college, let's give school vouchers and return our education system to the day when a HS grad had a great education.

  11. If Kamala Harris gets her way, there won't be any 91 yr old ladies unless they belong to the DNC

  12. The TRUMPIYTE chickens out again: BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump postpones tariffs on Chinese goods for MONTHS amid mounting fear they will end his economic boom and after days of falling stock markets: He knows now that his tariffs are HITTING Americans NOT the Chinese. what a Moron.

  13. YOU KNow if these libby kids took courses that like this kid,u know courses where u can get a job from after school..crap load of lazy kids taking party course..NOT UP TO EVERY ONE ELSE TO PAY FOR THERE PARTY SCHOOL..

  14. Trump rallies are 20,000 packed and even out side people are left standing maybe 1,800
    wanting to see Trump, and Kamala is so desperate she is talking to an old folks home of maybe 20 people Iam laughing so hard tears are rolling down my cheeks. these democrats don't have a chance. Trump is the peoples president and we love him, the fair can't even bring enough supporters make a dent in one of Trump's rallies.

  15. The only magic trick is all the cover up that fox does in the newsalong with the other three ABC CBS NBC cover up so much crime and mislead so many people everyday they're just actors they have a script and the agenda is to falsify the real news

  16. Democrats cannot draw a crowd so they have to go to state fairs to give their speech and because they don't draw a crowd

  17. Epstein has surveillance footage of some of the most powerful men in the U.S. Donald among many other are shaking in their boots right now…

  18. Tariffs are a disincentive for consumers that’s how they work, unless US can make the same thing the customer will pay, I thought everyone knew how tariffs work 🤔 apparently not 🤦🏻‍♂️

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