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  1. Epstien worked for CIA he had amunity they didn't want to tell Americans so they do suicide and let him go

  2. Ice agents are unconstitutional they terrorise people that makes them terrorist, United States Constitution article 2 section 8 only the militia shall exicute the laws of the United States foriegn and domestic,
    Is ICE militia no they are not the are against the law all u so called law and order and folks ignore the law

  3. The Clintons Suicided him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Whole populations of ILLEGAL ALIENS bitch.
    They are criminals — they should be scared and DEPORTED. 452020

  5. Well he is an unconstitutional 🐖 lawless United States Constitution
    Article 2section8 only the militia shall exicute the laws of the United States of America this is pretty plain English 2nd amendment a well regulated militia being necessary for a free State.
    What does necessary mean

  6. There needs to be no respect for an unlawful police this cop needs to read the Constitution he will find police State is not there .
    Our first president
    George Washington if the government trys to take the people's right to bear arms it's then the duty of the people to stop the government's right to govern.
    Something from someone who lived under the police State.

  7. Just search YouTube "The Clinton Chronicles" and sequel, it is "absolutely normal" that witnesses and prosecutors associated are Arkancided before court determinations. Why is anyone surprised about Epstein?

  8. Disrespectful and a disgrace to America.
    Pathetic PO💩

  9. You know Obama is the one that started this b.s. and I can't wait until he is held accountable

  10. OK. Get rid of the cell mate, point the security camera AWAY from Epstein and have insufficient guards on duty.
    His mistake was to pleading “not guilty”. That meant there would be a PUBLIC trial with EVIDENCE.

  11. Accept the year 20 / 20 as the year we all see the puppet handlers behind the curtain.

  12. The GOP is pushing government control police State ,law and order in an order State u can't have a gun Trump and Republicans are coming after ur guns today once they infringe there will be no stopping them u will become a ward of the state and no longer will be a free individual

  13. Innocent til proven guilty someone killed him. He cannot speak for himself. 🙏💖🇺🇸.

  14. This is the equivalent of THE ROMAN'S LOOSING JESUS BODY. I JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN.

  15. Well as you know he knew a lot of powerful people and he has billions of dollars that man is not dead mommy's watch your little girls our government is corrupt the clintons are involved in this and him leaving there but we will never hear that that will just be a conspiracy theory just like the Russian hoax it never happened they still think Trump did something illegal but they just can't find it but that's our government for you when you got money you can do anything you want in United States back then point look at just what happened in the last 3 years just saying

  16. So what the left's rhetoric they are spewing is considered antisemitic according to this law.

  17. So the guards were making triple what they normally make..huh?
    And he still got offed…?

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