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  1. Everything we knew or suspected happened is finally being proven. They the FBI DNC and DOJ CONSPIRED to prevent or remove our President from taking office We waited 2 years for these 302’s

  2. Lmaoooooo give me a break everyone knows that is how Steele felt about trump it do not change what russia did & manafort giving poling data to Russia the trump tower meeting & Jared setting up back channels for Russia the list goes on Lmaooo give me a break fox

  3. Bomb shell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂fox please nobody like trump lol putin said on the national stage in Helsinki he wanted trump to win hello fox just because trump base & your viewers are idiots the rest of us are not period

  4. All you doubters are blinded by brainwashing…..this shit happened and they are going down! Laugh all you want….open your eyes to the truth of the matter!

  5. the most unbelievable reaction to all of this is the left is so unhinged they do not care what tactics are used to undermine DT presidency. factual info surfaces and crimes committed, they don’t care about bringing criminals to justice, they’re mad they didn’t get away with it. this week it is so off the rails that it’s gone from attacks on the president to All Republican politicians to All American citizens that do not embrace the political view they deem fit. woke needs to wake, we are individuals, not made from one cookie cutter! this is a very dangerous way to proceed.

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