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  1. Let's feel comforted by the "Strong Likelihood" that the Prison Guards were Richly Compensated by the Clinton Foundation, now that their minimum wage careers have ended.

  2. I knew it, Epstein was a high profile criminal, he needed to be convicted through the courts and the cops turned the other way, it's so obvious, how much were they paid, if they didn't do it themselves, shame, for shame, the deep state gets away again with corruption, so sad!!!

  3. I’ll be avoiding this channel aggressively because you’re editing sucks what the good is the news when you cut it off and leave out information
    Check your work

  4. Waiting on Epstein's Toxicology Report before passing gas. Er , I meant judgement — he could have been gassed.

  5. It's a direct violation of the "Prison Rape Elimination Act" laws to neglect actually putting eyeballs on any inmate for longer than 30 minutes. This law is extant in every state of the Country. The "official" story released by the prison stinks to high Heaven. The story they concocted describes a scenario that simply never occurs regardless of available manpower on duty.

  6. 25:15 Kamala talking about illegal fearing their kids going to school while as DA she charged many parents with truancy, not illegals, but American citizens. She needs to just shut and go sit in the closet.

  7. Biden is running only to get Hilary Clinton in office, VP and he passes she becomes president. He can barely talk so not sure who is supporting him.

  8. Let’s see here. Not on suicide watch after trying it a few weeks ago, no guards were watching him,oops cameras not working and on and on. Just how stupid do they think we are???

  9. Guy hangs himself and it takes many days for his autopsy. Private autopsy? Nope, that doesn't seem odd. Dude was poisoned by his food. Clintons last night had a huge party at their home from countless A list movie whores and people of money…………time to celebrate I guess.

  10. Hey, dirty censors on Fox News. Leave the information alone. We the People MUST make correct decisions and we cannot do it with communist censors of our news. Take a hike, communists- preforbally to a communist country.

  11. 4:13 oh that cackle laughter of a lying jokester she can't promise willing to say anything for a vote.

  12. I think those insults are what is going to get President Trump reelected… Democrats are like a bunch of spoiled children crying for a pacifier.. That is why I am voting President Trump to be reelected… #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG

  13. Everybody knew that guy was not going to go to court and rat out his billion dollar friends and as for the chicken farms, now there's 600 jobs for US citizens.

  14. Joe deblasio had something to do with it most likeley ..hes the man in charge

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