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  1. You don't have any message Mr plastic candidate. Only Donald trump on your mouth. You are a failure.

  2. Epstein was Clinton-ed or they are hiding him from getting Clinton-ed… Just sayiny

  3. Suicide , you believe that , surprized it wasn't 2 shots to the back of the head and a plane crash . good bye and good riddance .

  4. I am talking about this jay guy, no substance at all you are so decided than anything, look how many are you to run against Trump if you were united you couldn't have 25 candidates. You plastic.

  5. Surprisingly the left isn't blaming president for EPSTEIN death !!!!!!!!!!

  6. The President needs to get his campaign team strategists to look back on something the President has said previously and that will take his enemies down

  7. Ya right liberal Jay Inslee🙄
    Funny the democrats can't get anybody to come to their rallies so they have to go to a public fair to catch people…🤣🤣👎

  8. Harris is one of those horrible animal eaters all you militant vegetarian and vegan democrat voters ! 🙂

  9. These dems have brainwashed everyone into believing that there's a climate change and that North America is the only ones who can save the world. Vote democrat and vote away America people.

  10. If Trump goes forward with background checks and red tag laws, he will lose a lot of votes.

  11. Lieland Must’ve been snuck in to Fox news by CNN to help lower Fox News ratings. It’s working. How rude and arrogant.

  12. Help save lives! Gimme a fucking break here. It's amazing how they think background checks and red tag laws will stop criminals from doing what they want to do.

  13. Fox News sucks in the daytime on weekends and weekdays. If these people want to change the constitution. Maybe states should separate from what will surely be a globalist country once there's enough illegals to vote out Republicans.

  14. Bill Clinton GUILTY! Hitlerry Clinton GUILTY!!!!!!!

  15. The DOJ ? How can a high suicide watch commit suicide ? Demoncraps don't know about videos ? Release the videos !

  16. I knew Trump would fold sooner or later. But I'm glad he did it before Americans were fooled into voting for him again.

  17. Vittert has NO respect for the FOX viewers. His interview today was the WORST I have ever seen. Nothing but ignorant and hot-shot interruptions. Thanks for nothing Leland!

  18. I don't believe his dead. Probably faking his death to escape have a plastic surgery to look different. Money talks.

  19. What do you mean that, "…there's a lot of questions on Epstein suicide." There is no question. Anybody with a brain knows it was a murder to protect a LOT of very powerful individuals. This means that somehow, those powers managed to get hold of his records so that he could not use it against those individuals. Let's hope there's a copy in "The Cloud."

  20. Is it really necessary for FOX News to put a lying, shameless, self-promoter like Jay Inslee, or any of those like-minded Democratic race-batters on FOX? That is what CNN, MSNBC and all the other lame-stream-media is for. You don't need it on FOX because their sheeple-left followers don't even watch FOX so, don't subject "We the People" to it unnecessarily.

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