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  1. The dems have lost any sense of reality and their brainwashed liberal followers just follow them like blind sheep.

  2. Michael Moore actually uses a bike 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and has a gym membership 🤣🤣🤣 more fake news

  3. The democrats r evil, how can they slag off the American citizens then ask them for their votes. They don’t care about anybody apart from themselves, I hope they lose big time in 2020. Trump should stay forever. KAGA 2020

  4. Maybe they have more than leaking!
    Or maybe they are above the law. There are two laws, Laws of man and law of nature! If the law of man fails, Law of nature takes over.
    I firmly believe eventually what goes around comes around. Hopefully the law of man will Prevail and good men will come to their senses.
    Political Hacks are getting massively rich, using their votes to sell us out. Going around our laws because they can, most are failed lawyers, perhaps for ethic violations. They manipulate the law to suit themselves. They carry the "what difference does it make mentality". Together they use political power to sell USA out. They come from both sides of the isle. Deep rooted are the worst. The new bunch wants to takes us straight to failure.

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