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  2. Ive no doubt in my mind that your armed force's , have newer energy bt have not let anyone know !!!

  3. WTF is Dona Brasil doing on FOX ??? This lying scum should be on CNN………NOT ON FOX !

  4. There is a sport , it's called CRICKET , where somebody stand's for hour's like a scarecrow , waiting for a ball to come their way? Very very very very very boooorrrriiiiiinnnngggg , like what ive just wrote lol

  5. Not his intetioon? ha. I guess he's just plain stupid. Lacks common sense which is the norm for so many in this world.

  6. Biggest and dumbest mistake Fox has ever made! Who thought it was a good idea to hire someone who was fired by CNN? If I was Greg or Dana I wouldn't have acknowledged she was there.


  8. You can tell Dan is so much smarter then Donna. She's there cause of her poverty stricken non educated district.

  9. Donna Brazille also said she's in favor of after birth abortion on her first appearence on Hannity! At that point it's not abortion. That's child endangerment, Neglect and murder. If it was done outside the hospital it's murder! What's the difference!?

  10. Fox,Please get rid of your ridiculous replacement for Juan. Till then, I'm gone, will miss watching. But I can only put up with so much bullsh#t.

  11. Talk about voter intimidation…..the left cries about it when it doesn't exist and now they are the ones creating dangerous intimidation.

  12. Brazile knows the shootings were democrat false flag events tied to manuver the message against the president criminally treasonally, Brazile knows this doxing is part of their plan, and dont forget this bitch is not a victim she is a co conspirator to the coup during the primary and continuing to today, remember President Pelosi tweet with the assaination suspected tweets last year on her account this bitch is a contonite evil co conspirator and a blatant liar .

    This false equivelent for both sides nonsense is bullshit, these labled right wing shooters im sure are false flag democrat c_a operations to bring the equality to make it appear as its on both sides to protect the demonrats "antifa terrorists" wh work for the demonrats.

  13. I will never buy anything that advertisers are trying to sell while I am watching YOUTUBE, so stop wasting your stupid time!

  14. I agree at the moment now humor is the best policy but reality careful it can hit you in the back of your head of what's happening but thank you for the humor it's necessary

  15. That skanky criminal Brazille should be in jail, after what she did as the then acting DNC Chairperson, in the 2016 Democratic debate, involving Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. She provided Clinton the questions that would be asked, which allowed Clinton to write and rehearse her responses, thus securing the Democratic Presidential nomination. So she's rewarded by the Left for those actions, by them insisting that she be on this show. Sad is the media.

  16. He is the best we have now he's silly he's goofy he's like the rest of us but that he cannot fix this only the people of the world can fix this and changing the way they think they believe and the way they love but I'll grant you that he is very amusing and we do love a good comedian

  17. And the truth is all of you people in your jurisdiction or in your field need to be very careful stand up and be true to everybody's hearts because otherwise everyone's going to crash and burn because the people that are out there I'm looking for people with hearts savior and Truth in the game can only be played for so long before the board is broken

  18. Shortest vid on the interweb. Congratulation for getting a copyright strike again.

  19. Democrats are all insane I haven't had a conversation in years with a liberal that made any sense no way they should be in charge of anything as a martial arts instructor I would say theese libtards are wanting to start conflict they are unhinged in a nutshell figuratively they are in our faces spitting threats and we are as conservatives trying to reason with the unreasonable are we going to wait for them to hit us with a concrete milkshake (gun control, hate speech, over night raids) people wake up call the crap out and demand that the laws on the books be enforced immigration, campaign finance and all the leaking and malfeasance in law enforcement stop letting crazy people say and do whatever they want

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