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  1. The fun thing is that this account was stolen from russian MMORPG streamer. I can only clap for this. clap clap Congratulations, you’re a bunch of fucking idiots 😀

  2. Rudy, one was NOT from the right!!!!!! One was from the left and the other was from the left.

  3. If not for demoncrats we would not have this division, ignorance of FACTS & VIOLENCE! MASS MURDERS ARE FROM THE LEFT. DAILY, WEEKLY KILLINGS IN BALTIMORE, CHICAGO and other cities are from the demoncrat Nazi Socialist, Communist, Anti Americans! FACTS ARE FACTS!!

  4. Plz, plz, plz America u should look inside your on country, u have terrorist (white) roaming around in the U S of A killing anyone they sight. What should the world call these terrorist???? Just shooters, killers, no no no. Radical Christian Terrorist is what they are. Period.

  5. Everyone need to carry a FIRE arm and you wont be afraid of shit.

  6. Church has not always been the pillar of society. Read a history book for Christ sake.

  7. Just noticed that you edited that report right after the president spoke from the White House before leaving for Dayton and El Paso that's freedom of the Press that's crap who won the left paid for that Joe Biden

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